Text Box: Current Stock Bulls are Solpoll 1 Promoter and by AI Panmure 1 Henry . 
We also use AI to introduce different genetics to the herd.
Text Box: We have used the following AI Sires in the last few years.

‘Dynasty’ was Senior Champion Agribition 1988 before being imported to the UK, where he was Bull of the Year 1990. We have had some exciting prospects born by him to watch out for. His genetics have been used worldwide for the last 20 years, in fact he is the great grand-sire of ‘Hustler’ who needs no introduction such is the extent of his progeny’s success worldwide. He is backed with impressive index figures.

We feel that Dynamite is the complete package and combines all the attributes we look for whenever selecting a stock bull. From the minute he was born we had high hopes for him and he has not disappointed us! His success in the show ring is well documented on the show success page. As we only had a couple of heifers which were not related to him, we only had a small number of calves from him until 2009. His sons have sold to 6200gns, received for Geronimo, Male Champion Hereford Sale 2011.His first 14 sons sold have averaged £3350. He breeds calves that look well from day one and his first 60 pedigree calves born to date on farm have had an average birth weight of 41kg with a range from 32kg to 53kg. Semen from him has been sold to breeders in Denmark, England, Northern Ireland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. His daughters make up a large part of our herd now and played a large part in helping to win the UK Herds Competition in 2014 & 2016.

Henry arrived with us in March and was NI Bull of the Year in 2012. His sire is Romany 1 Distiller  and his dam Panmure 1 Plum E2 is sired by Solpoll 1 Brigadier the 2006 Highland Show Champion. Henry is an extremely muscular bull and has proven to be very easy calving even on heifers and his first progeny have been very successful in the show ring with numerous Championships and a Male & Female of the Year in 2015. His progeny have sold very well both to pedigree and commercial farmers because of their conformation and ease of fleshing and we expect this high demand to continue! His first sons and daughters sold have topped every sale they have been at, setting records at Hereford in April 2015 with sons to 10800gns and daughters at 5200gns. His first 5 sons sold in Hereford have averaged £9640. He is a twice NI Sire of the Year and the only NI Resident to be UK Sire of the Year. The first 126 calves born in our herd had an average birth weight of 38kg. Exportable semen is available and a large quantity has been sold to Denmark.

Dorepoll 1 Nationwide was sold for 8000gns in 2007. His dam is the great Remitall Sally 131K and his sire Remitall Nation Wide was sired by Remitall Keynote and out of Catalina 24H, the most consistent breeding cow at Remitall.

‘Z250’ pictured after selling for AUS$ 30,000 at the Dubbo National Show & Sale, where he was the Junior Champion and weighed 905kgs, measuring a Frame score 8.

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Moeskaer Keno was Grand Champion at Agromek in 2009. His sister is lead donor for Moeskaer herd in Denmark, they are sired by NS Keno and their dam was an Agribition champion heifer. His first calves in our herd are easy born and showing good potential.

Wirruna Daffy is an Australian sire with impressive figures, a trait leader for calf ease, eye muscle and scrotal size with terminal indexes in the top 1%. We had the first bull calf in the UK and he is showing promise.







Text Box: SIRES








Upgrade is a complete outcross for our herd, and arrived in Autumn 2015. Sired by Square D Tortuga 953T, his dam Flora 1301 is a full sister to WLB ELI 83T. Upgrade has great figures 14 out of 15 traits all above average, with Calf ease in Top 1%. His first calves have been born unassisted and are showing good potential. His first daughter was a class winner and Reserve Senior Female Champion NI Calf Show 2017, with another daughter being Reserve Female Champion HCS Autumn Sale 2018. His first son sold to a pedigree herd in Co. Cork.

Promoter is an imported embryo. He is homozygous polled with a 35kg birthweight. His figures are excellent with weight, EMA, RBY, TI & SRI all in the Top 10%. His sire FCC TwentyX was one of the most admired bulls at the 2012 World Hereford Conference when winning his class, with his dam being privately picked from Harvie Ranching for flushing as a heifer. Promoters maternal sister Nylon P8 was Reserve Junior Champion 2017 NI Calf Show. We believe him to be the only TwentyX son in Europe. A large quantity of his semen has already been sold to Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden.

FCC TwentyX